Live the Life You Love!!

Live the Life You Love!!

Saturday, 19 November 2016

My Backpack collection

I love bags, and I love brands. I am very selective about the bags I buy, I research a lot and really really have to want the bag, but once I get it I love it and preserve it. 

So today I will only share my backpacks. 

1. Coach- I got this about 4 years back as I needed a designer backpack for work. I used to walk to work, and backpack was the best thing for me. I love this bag. It doesnt have a laptop compartment, but has two side pockets for a water bottle & umbrella. A zipper in the front has a lot of small compartments, perfect for my keys, gum and bus card. 

2. Nine West- This was more of an impulse buy, I mean look at it, who would buy this bag. And I think I got some discount, so I also bought a matching wallet. I have used this bag on 2-3 over seas trips and it did wear out a little bit on the top handle. But nevertheless its a very pretty, glittery backpack and is just the perfect size for me. It fits everything even an iPad air. But I wouldn't stuff it a lot as its quite delicate. 

3. Michael Kors Small- Now the most expensive backpack I own, its my baby. And its everything any girl could want. Its blingy, perfect size, its canvas with leather straps and has the signature MK logo on it. Oh and its the most neutral color so goes with everything. The pockets are tiny but, it holds an iPad Air, my headphones, wallet, and  make up bag. 

4. Nine West- So this is a more recent purchase, a result of late night online shopping. This is still available on their website. As always it arrived in 2 days, was so well packaged and absolutely love it. Its durable as its jute and i feel its more spacious than the golden one. I mean its going to be my go to backpack, as I dont want to use the Michael Kors one. The front pockets wont hold an iPhone 6s plus, but it will hold the 6s. For that price and quality its a great back pack. Also I got 20% off. 

So those are all the backpacks that I own as of now and I must say I am very happy and content with my collection now. 

You can watch the video here

Happy shopping!

Chin Chin